Bring the Fresh (BTF) is a training website and community teaching individuals how they can make money online through internet marketing and building niche sites. The site was created by Kelly Felix a successful online marketer jointly with Mike Long. Kelly manages after Long left.

He is also the creator of multi-million dollar an online advertising company and Bring the Fresh Gold. BTF uncovers ways that Kelly has been successful online and how others can emulate him and achieve the same. It now has more than 18,000 members and has proven to be a fresh start. Some of the members are extremely successful as they make 6 and 7 figure income.

About Kelly Felix

kelly felix internet millionaireKelly himself did not have smooth way to success and had a sad upbringing. He moved to Los Angeles after high school to attend college. At the time, Kelly worked as an actor on several television shows between 1999 and 2002. It then dawned on him that he needed to find other ways of earning instead of depending on casual parts. This is the time he turned to his other interest, the internet as a source of income. He started with numerous small and mid range successes before beginning

The Rich Jerk

“The Rich Jerk ” was the fictitious character who sold an e-book program on earning money online. The Rich Jerk might have been fictitious but with genuine teachings as Kelly taught the proper and exact way of generating traffic and sales online. Kelly maintained his anonymity as R.J raked in millions of dollars in profits and made the highest e-book sales on Clickbank for many years. After using Rich Jerk to turn him to a rich jerk which is something he claims he did not like, Kelly sold and decided to rake a break for a few years from online marketing business.

Kelly then teamed up with Mike Long for brainstorming and after a lot of planning, they decided to team up and create BringTheFresh as a way for other people to learn how they could gain success with online marketing.

Bring the Fresh Gold Review

bring the fresh goldIt is a ready to go online affiliate marketing site to help people convert quickly and proper in precious metals. The site is another creation by Kelly Felix. The connection between Kelly and precious metals is that Kelly is also one of the partners in precious metal investment company, Regal Assets.

He was given responsibility to develop Regal Assets affiliates program which is exclusive to others within the industry. The commissions are 10 times more than that of the other firms and also for PPL (pay per) lead income. The top Regal affiliates consistently make 20,000 to $50,000 per month!

BTF Gold engineered by Kelly will soon be launched to help individuals who want to prosper in the lucrative precious metal business. He put many hours into creating the site for the members with an intention to make everybody’s smile to shine brighter like the precious metals.

What are chances of success with Bring the Fresh Gold

This program has high chances of making people to success if it does emulates the BTF model. Everyone can use its training from beginner up to advanced levels. BTF has fast start guide and videos that give visitors step by step instruction on how they will get up and run with their first site in a few days.

Members start at basic level, get training, PDFs and have access to a forum on how to begin building their niche affiliate sites. There are available upgrades to Full Disclosure and the Project Profits section with advanced SEO training and techniques to earn quicker.

btf communityIt is not all about Kelly. The main value is in community and forum that lays out niches, SEO techniques and Keywords making big bucks. They update information regularly to share what is working on their respective sites in promotion and SEO terms. You therefore get many results worth thousands of dollars for you to test and apply to your sites.

BTF has true will to help others and share success stories to inspire each other and newbies. The owners of the websites interacting in the forums have a long successful track record in their industry hence they know what they are saying. Kelly Felix is also active in the forums and if Bring the Fresh Gold will follow similar steps, its worth trying.

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