Searching for a web hosting provider can be difficult with all of the confusing features that are offered in the different hosting packages. Popular companies list many benefits and features and it is time that these features were reviewed and described in an easy manner. Building a listing of informative information makes the process easier and corrections are gladly welcomed. This terminology comes from a review of hosting services like hostgator web hosting.

Bandwidth can be compared to the quantity of fuel that you have in your gas tank. Tanks can only hold so much fuel at a time. Bandwidth can only allocate so many bits of information to be used at one time or a period of time. A 1 gigabyte bandwidth transfer of information is roughly about 100,000 page views on a website each month.

A website that is full of visitors creating website traffic may easily consume this available bandwidth. After each month, the bandwidth limit is reset to zero allowing the bandwidth to restart. A hostgator package includes unlimited bandwidth so web traffic is absolutely no problem.

A domain name is a naming system that uses names instead of confusing IP addresses. As an example, the website you are browsing now,, is a DNS domain name. Many web hosting packages market how many website domains can be used with each web hosting package. Baby Croc hostgator hosting plans feature unlimited domain names on each account. This means that multiple websites can be allocated a separate home directory or used as a holding place when typed into a computer browser. The hostgator hatchling plan allows only a single domain name per account.

Standard domains like are normal. A sub domain, something like, is a sub domain name of the primary domain name. Typically, sub domains have no limit.

Backing up a website is required to keep information current and safe. Instant file backup is a great addition to hostgator hosting. Inside the control panel, this automated backup is easy with the push of a button. The information that is stored on the web server includes files and folders and these files and folders are instantly copied making a virtual backup. These can be downloaded a saved for future use. Saving email name and addresses are a common use for archival backup with hostgator.

A protocol caled OpenSSH allows easy development and debugging of files on your website. A text editor is supplied for easy integration. The hostgator hosting makes it really easy to implement OpenSSH. This feature is not automatic, however, contacting the hostgator support staff is required before access is granted and cleared for normal hosting usage.

The use of Frontpage exentions is popular to create an instant website. Developing a website normally takes a skilled designer and a team of programming professionals that can write and implement the design and programming code necessary for proper website functionality. Microsoft created Frontpage extensions to allow the easy creation of websites by users with very little experience.

Most hosting companies included hostgator web hosting allow the use of these Frontpage expentions on your website. Since there are many version and updates to these extensions, hostgator provides support for previous and updated versions to make integration with your website easier. Hostgator provides excellent hosting and plans to suit the needs of both businesses and individuals that have single or multiple websites.

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