Over the years there have been drastic changes in the landscape of search engines. The changes have been with respect to technology and the various partnerships among different search engines as well.

A person may be performing search queries on a particular search engine but the results may be delivered by altogether different company.

Following are some of the search engines that input the accurate keywords.

Yahoo offers primary search engine results for Alta Vista, Yahoo search, and AllTheWeb, and gets paid listings from Yahoo Search Marketing (it was formerly named as overture).

Google offers primary search results for Netscape and Google AOL Search. Besides this, Google also provide paid listings to Lycos, Netscape, Ask, AOL Search, and HotBot. In addition to this, it offers secondary results to HotBot and obtains its directory data from DMOZ.

Lycos obtains primary results from Ask, directory search results from DMOZ and paid listings from Google Adwords.

Hotbot gets primary search results from Ask, directory search results from DMOZ, and secondary/paid search results from Google Adwords.

Ask offers primary search results to Ask, Lycos and Hotbot. It obtains directory results from DMOZ, secondary search results from Teoma and paid listings from Google Adwords.

Search engines relationships to marketing offer various things for the person which he wants to know bout online marketing. When a particular person is looking for something, he will type in the search engine. And the sites with highest rankings in the search engines will show which is where the visitors usually go.

By getting high ranks in the search engines, you will increase the chances of being first to be visited by the visitor who is looking for a particular product. If you know what you are doing you can make huge money with the help of search engines.

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